Coronavirus: Precautions

Dear All,

As you are aware, the government has issued strict guidelines for all of us to stay at home wherever possible. These instructions are in place to help contain this terrible virus and to protect the NHS, and ultimately save lives. 

Safety Measures

In this difficult time, safety is our top priority for our staff, and our customers, therefore we would like to minimise the risk while still fulfilling all orders for our customers.

We have placed hand sanitising stations throughout our business for regular use, and pre and post work shifts. 



All our orders are still being delivered and might be delayed slightly from the website delivery time stated, due to supplies coming to us slow from suppliers.  There will also be delays in getting back to customer emails as we are working very hard to ensure we can deliver all mirrors very quickly


Finally, we hope you keep safe and will update any information on our website if anything changes. 


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