What Exactly Are Vanity Mirrors?

by Ashleigh Pearson on November 20, 2017

Mostly vanity mirrors are those mirrors that sit upon a vanity set and where one can put on her makeup or they can sit on a low dresser for the same purpose. Vanity mirrors come in plenty of styles that can fit into any existing decor.

If you have a bedroom set that is all black, for instance, there are a great number of black painted vanity mirrors for you. They are available in almost any color in the spectrum but the preponderance of them seems to be in white or gold. Unless you would rather a natural wood vanity mirror, then they are available in oak, cherry or walnut.

They come in ovals, rectangles, completely round and square as well. You can also find them with built in lighting, or with frames on the sides for her favorite pictures, perhaps one of you!

If you do not want wood ones, there are plastic ones as well as ornately scrollworked ones. The mirror itself may have beveled edges, such as those found in antique mirrors and the like, or you may prefer to have an antique copper one.

There are even Victorian inspired mirrors for a vanity with all the ornate wood carvings in them including perhaps carvings of angels at the very top. Some ladies prefer to have the wing type of mirrors, which enables them to look over their face for symmetry in the art of makeup.

There are many gilded vanity mirrors, or you may opt for one in distressed silver instead or even silver leaf treated ones. If your bedroom set is Chippendale, you can find that kind of mirror. If you have inlaid furniture that you desire to match, there are even some inlaid mirrors that will make quite a decorating statement.

Some vanity mirrors are specifically made to go above your bathroom sink, and those tend to be larger than those that will be placed above a vanity desk for example. Many of those can be purchased with a medicine chest. If you are seeking one of those, be sure and take very careful measurements of the opening in the wall that the vanity mirror will be recessed into.

I have even seen a mirror in a mirror. This means that one of them is a special enlarging mirror but it is set into the frame of the larger mirror. It makes it perfect for a bathroom vanity mirror for one who does not have the space available to have a full makeup vanity in the bedroom.

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