Finding the Perfect Hollywood Light up Mirror for Your Makeup and Decor

by Klarna Collaborator on August 03, 2020

Professional makeup artists invest in Hollywood light up mirrors that are designed to provide better illumination—and perhaps it’s time you did, too. Did you know that those Hollywood light up mirrors that you see at salons and in celebrity homes are now widely available in the market? There’s need to make your own from scratch. You can simply search for one online and have it delivered straight to your home. If you have been wanting to upgrade your vanity mirror and improve the aesthetics of your room, now is the right time to purchase Hollywood light up mirror. Here are some tips on finding the right piece:

Consider the quality of lighting 

If you really want to upgrade your makeup routine and work like a pro, you need a Hollywood light up mirror with high-quality lights. Make sure that it can illuminate your face evenly so you can clearly see everything. According to reviews, LED light bulbs are the best because they allow you to see natural colours precisely. They are close to the quality of lighting that you can get from sunlight and are thus the most flattering. 

 Choose the right size 

Light up mirrors come in different sizes. To choose the right size, think about form and function. The mirror should fit the room—not too big that it appears overwhelming, but not too small that it virtually disappears. If you are applying makeup, styling your hair, and dressing up every day, then you will probably need a tall mirror. 

 Think about the shape and colour 

One of the biggest reasons why people love Hollywood vanity mirrors is that they look good and can add personality to any space. They can upgrade the appearance of your bedroom, bathroom, or walk-in closet in an instant. Just be sure to choose a colour and shape that will complement the theme of your room or the colour of your wall. 



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