5 great reasons to buy a Hollywood mirror today!

by Jeenfer Wilson on February 13, 2020

So I will be sharing the top 5 reasons why you should get a Hollywood mirror today!

Do you get annoyed when your makeup is just not coming on point due to bad lighting or shadows due to uneven lighting? you move to this side and that side, and nope, it's just not working? Well you aren't the only one! Most lighting, and especially ceiling lighting will never give you the correct lighting as it is above you as opposed to being faced towards you.

Gone are the days where Hollywood mirrors were used exclusively backstage by famous stars like Marilyn Monroe, thanks to the affordability, nowadays even amateurs can present themselves like stars. So lets see what the 5 reasons are why every makeup enthusiast should have one of these amazing Hollywood mirrors.


1. They create Amazing lighting

Amongst the secrets that makeup artists such as Christiane Dowling give, one of the main they say is great even lighting. This is either given by a good ring light or a Hollywood mirror. Hollywood mirrors are made using bulbs spaced out evenly which would allow great lighting overall without over powering one side more than the other. 

2. Professional makeup look at a budget

Having great lighting allows you to do your makeup better, which brings me on to my second point! You get to create a more professional look! This is awesome for the average jo, who can't afford to always pay someone to do their makeup! You don't have to compromise on the quality of your makeup, with just a Hollywood mirror, you can create awesome results and you won't even need to go to a makeup academy to do a course! It's really that simple!

3. They look Fab!

With the amazing colours and styles available, a Hollywood makeup mirror could be more than just a mirror for a bit of lighting, it could be a centrepiece of any space! There's colours to go for any interior decor, and if you can't make your mind up, there's always the Hollywood Premiere L which comes as a mirrored finish, so it will literally suit any space and is liked by Jennifer at mybeautybunny.

4. They're made to last

Yes, there are some cheaper alternatives on the market which are from China, however Riflection have built a reputation to manufacture Hollywood mirrors ourselves in order to ensure it reaches satisfaction by makeup enthusiasts and even pros! Each and every Hollywood mirror is handmade at our premises and thoroughly tested to exceed high quality control levels set by ourselves. 

5. Available in various sizes

These Hollywood mirrors come in various sizes as everyones makeup space and budget is different. If you feel that you need a certain size which we don't stock, you can always get in touch with us, and an expert can discuss the needs of creating something bespoke for you. 


Riflection Hollywood Mirrors come with a lifetime warranty because we are confident with our products and the exceedingly high quality workmanship put in to producing each masterpiece. Get amazing makeup results each and every day, and you surely won't be disappointed. 

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