How to choose the best Hollywood mirror?

by Jeenfer Wilson on February 06, 2020
Choosing the right Hollywood mirror for your space can sometimes be tricky. At Riflection, we can help you with making the right choice due to the vast experiences we have had with customers like yourselves. The right mirror for you would depend on many factors from the colour of your room or space, size of the room itself and the size of the space you have available for a Hollywood mirror, your budget etc.
Our Iconic mirrors are something that would be suitable for any space as they are classic plain colours, with timeless Hollywood star feel like to them. These come in a few different sizes with either wall mounted or tabletop options. 
As we manufacture these mirrors ourselves, if you find that you have limited space or a very big place and would like a size and colour made bespoke to your requirements, we will happily be able to assist you in this. A good example can be of the picture below what we created for an interior designer who were working to make an elegant Salon room in a house for their client. They knew Riflection was the go to place and so we created this 200cm x 150cm gigantic Hollywood makeup mirror.

Our Hollywood mirrors are made with love in the UK, with luxury and quality in mind. you will never have a dull Instagram moment with the lighting on a good quality Hollywood mirror
Contact one of our specialist team members today, to see how we can help you choose the right Hollywood mirror for your space.
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